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Combining innovative approaches, A-list media-relations services and a talented staff of travel PR veterans, Hawkins International Public Relations (HIPR) is a boutique PR agency dedicated to global luxury brands, travel/tourism, spa/wellness, lifestyle clients and hospitality services and platforms.

We’re a New York PR agency headquartered in the heart of Manhattan, yet our reach is global. With an array of partner agencies and like-minded communications experts around the globe — who are ready to mobilize on your behalf at a moment’s notice — our expertise comes from years of developing creative and strategic multi-platform brand and travel Public Relations campaigns that differentiate our clients — nationally and internationally.

Hotel PR is only the beginning

Take a closer look at our team, and you’ll find that we’re an international PR firm uniquely qualified to deliver results-oriented lifestyle, luxury, travel, resorts, and spa PR campaigns. In the words of our clients, our staff members wear many hats:

  • Strategic Partners in Luxury Brand PR. We take immense pride in being considered part of each client’s “team,” and we constantly look for novel approaches to help them improve their bottom line.
  • Cultural Trend-Spotters. Whether it’s relevant to luxury spa PR, lifestyle PR, or upscale resort PR, we stay on top of what the consumer market is demanding as well as the most recent interests of various media outlets.
  • Media-Relations Experts. We serve as a direct lifestyle and luxury brand PR conduit between our clients and important sources of traditional and social media.
  • Communications Connoisseurs. We excel at delivering the most effective lifestyle, luxury, and travel PR messaging for our various “Public” and stakeholders, including the press and influencers who cover these topics.
  • Strategic Relationship Architects. Our travel, lifestyle, and luxury brand PR campaigns succeed thanks to our creative, thoroughly researched communication strategies paired with our highly respected network of industry contacts.

A leader in lifestyle and luxury brand PR

How do you become a top New York and international PR firm? By becoming thoroughly versed in the vocabulary, players, motivations and priorities of high-end brands, individual properties, and hospitality platforms.

We personally know (and influence) a diverse network of lifestyle, luxury brand, and travel PR contacts and influencers who write for and edit key publications. What’s more, we’re constantly on top of cultural shifts and consumer movements to incorporate into our travel, lifestyle, and luxury brand PR trending efforts. Once identified, we pitch from myriad angles: travel, spa, gastronomy, adventure, golf, trade, business, design, or many other perspectives that can advance the brand.

An international PR firm that strategically spreads the word

By designing a targeted and customized lifestyle and luxury PR plan for our clients in a timeline format, we are able to successfully reflect the marketing and sales goals of the brand. We develop region-specific tactics to maximize the launch of a new brand, as well as strategies to enhance existing luxury, lifestyle, or resorts hotel PR plans. Our partnerships with other established boutique PR firms, enables HIPR’s client messaging to be heard in media communities around the world, above and beyond North America.

A boutique PR agency for personalized service

We carefully chose our lifestyle, luxury brand, and travel PR teams to suit the needs and demands of each particular account. Every team offers clients and the press around-the-clock responsiveness — whether it’s in service of a brand, spa, cruise line, airline, or multimillion-dollar travel PR campaign. Just the kind of service one would expect from a boutique PR agency that is dedicated, responsive, and connected.

Like any PR firm worth its salt, we strive to please our brand, lifestyle, travel, and hotel PR clients as much as the journalists and influencers who cover their products and services. With this goal in mind, we do our very best to meet deadlines, exceed expectations, and respond to journalists’ inquiries in a timely fashion.

Media-relations specialists with national and international influence

Not every PR agency can do resort and luxury brand PR. Our media-relations database contains more than 5,000 lifestyle, brand, and travel PR contacts across the United States. These are significant, long-standing relationships we employ selectively based on subject matter.

Although we’re an international PR firm based in New York, our database continues to grow with the help of our partner PR agencies nationwide and internationally.

Thanks to our reputation and specialty at the high end of the industry, journalists frequently call upon us for assistance with their stories. They also look to us for material to help fill their pages and sites. In addition to targeting magazines, newspapers, blogs and web sites for national reach, we also strategically target key niche magazines and/or regional publications from Palm Beach to Palm Springs, Boston to Dallas, Washington DC to Aspen.

Common Lifestyle PR Questions

If you were to give a prospective luxury brand PR client one piece of advice about working in the US media marketplace, what would it be?

Hire a specialized lifestyle and luxury brand PR agency that will pitch, think and write creatively. It’s vitally important for a luxury property to encourage creative and strategic thinking that makes the most of interesting, timely and “newsworthy” information.

What’s the best way for an international PR firm to maximize results and stay current?

A travel public relations firm can only thrive by utilizing existing relationships and constantly developing new and fruitful bonds with press. The travel PR agency must also maintain a firm grasp of the media landscape, such as areas of interest and deadlines. And if the agency is to maintain a responsive and communicative working relationship with a hotel, resort, or spa PR client, it is imperative to keep current, to be proactive as well as reactive, and to be a source of interesting, intelligent and relevant information with dependable consistency…

Can you describe how HIPR develops creative lifestyle and luxury brand PR ideas?

We conduct weekly internal brainstorming sessions that often result in a strategic pitch. These often include several of our clients. In some cases the pitch may be focused on a trend we have noticed, or it could be aimed at a holiday package release that’s seasonally relevant.

Here’s an example: When several of our clients came up with a Valentine’s Day package, we were given the challenge of communicating six to eight different versions of the same package theme. We responded by compiling the information into a creative, entertaining and highly readable round-up release—including vibrant photography—that went well beyond the traditional “flowers and chocolate” pitches journalists are all but inundated with. The release got tremendous coverage and was even picked up in its entirety by some newspapers and regional publications.

How important is creative writing to lifestyle and luxury brand PR?

A full-time staff writer helps us stand apart with original, clever press releases, pitch letters and newsletters. In addition, our resort clients frequently give us information about their resort that is quirky and fun, but not worthy of an entire press release. HIPR parlays this information into a successful newsletter distributed to the media entitled, “Not Another Press Release (Really!).”

We continually receive extremely positive feedback from writers and editors who appreciate our inventive style and imagination and often use the “tidbits” to fill spaces in their front-of-book sections in television coverage. (We can provide samples of this upon request.)

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