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Done right, hotel PR should shape perceptions. It should begin with carefully crafted messages your travel PR agency integrates with your over-arching marketing goals. And ideally it should incorporate an international PR firm’s new, innovative, and ongoing efforts to engage and entertain all of your various publics, including press, influencers and stakeholders. These are the activities that we at Hawkins International PR do best.

We’re a boutique PR agency

We started with a passion for travel Public Relations and that’s where our focus remains: hotel PR, resort PR, spa PR, destination PR, adventure PR, Events PR, and Hospitality Platform PR. Among our many capabilities, we maintain relationships with key voices in the industry. We identify tie-in opportunities to make lifestyle and luxury brand PR work to your advantage. Above all, we’re experts at utilizing the press, opinion leaders, social networks, and other influencers to maximize awareness and broaden your exposure.

Why hotel Public Relations is so important

Many hotels make the costly mistake of neglecting PR. They may advertise, but they fail to appreciate the importance and fine art of critical, clever communication tactics that underscore a brand’s message, unique points-of-difference, and key attributes. Trust Hawkins’ vast network of media-relations specialists, and the nuances of our firm’s crisis management skills.

As a truly international PR firm, we lead the travel public relations campaigns for branded multi-national hotel companies, destination resorts, and world-class spas. We’re a focused team of lifestyle and luxury brand PR experts, accustomed to working with sophisticated properties around the world — companies for which image and the management of their image through an experienced hotel PR agency is of the utmost importance. A continued commitment to a clearly defined, measurable hotel public relations plan, will yield the long-term rewards of broader awareness, greater loyalty among customers, and enhanced image. Travel public relations can even boost the effectiveness of your advertising dollars. In today’s super-connected world, where impressions can be shared instantaneously online, the work of an experienced travel PR agency can vastly improve your opportunities for success.

Media Penetration: the key to hotel and resort PR

Public relations for hotels encompasses a vast, ever-expanding range of lifestyle and luxury brand PR efforts. These may include traditional hotel, resort and spa PR activities such as travel PR newsletters, press releases and launch planning, to more contemporary resort PR special events and social media extensions. But few of these activities will prove as critical to your success as those of a seasoned media-relations specialist.

Like any public relations firm worth its salt, we strive to please our brand, lifestyle, travel and hospitality PR clients as much as the journalists who cover their products and services. With this goal in mind, we always do our very best to meet deadlines, exceed expectations, and respond to journalists’ inquiries in a timely fashion, with smart content that they need.

Media-relations specialists with national and international influence

Not every PR agency can do resort and luxury brand PR. Our media-relations database contains more than 5,000 lifestyle, brand, and travel PR contacts across the United States. These are significant, long-standing relationships we employ selectively based on subject matter.

Do you have the connections to encourage travel writers and opinion leaders to favorably cover your hotel? How is your product portrayed in the news, at industry conferences, on travel web sites, blogs, and travel aggregators like Expedia? Do you have a PR media strategy for print and online magazines, newspapers, and trade journals? These are the areas where a boutique PR agency like Hawkins International PR helps to differentiate a hotel, destination, airline, cruise line, resort, spa or travel-industry-related good or service.

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