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Our dedicated Media Intelligence Team keeps their finger on the pulse of the evolution of the media landscape, including where editors are going and what they’re covering, what publications are launching or folding, new video opportunities, editorial awards and special issues, and anything else that relates to the ever-changing and growing media world. We use this knowledge to help our clients keep their news and offerings fresh and relevant so they can ultimately stand out as leaders in their industries.


The Media Intelligence Team and dedicated client account teams work synergistically to deliver a proactive, nimble and multi-layered pitching strategy. While your account team will focus on activating strategies to help you meet your topline goals – whether that be a launch, a renovation, or a new partnership, the Media Intelligence Team will be simultaneously pitching your brand for topical opportunities related to trends, seasonality, current events, and more. The result is impact across traditional and modern media platforms: regional and national magazines, newspapers, websites, influencers, social media engagement editors, online video, television, radio, and podcasts.

Added Value

Our unique position as a global agency for brands all over the world gives us a powerful bird’s-eye view of what’s trending in the luxury lifestyle landscape. With this 360-degree view, we ignite conversations on the industry as a whole, positioning your brand as a major player. Better yet, our broad perspective allows us to counsel our clients on trends and how they can participate, ensuring that they’re providing customers with what they want while engaging in important industry conversations. Because we’re fully immersed in the industry, journalists, producers, and other influencers come to us directly for insight into developments, news and trends.


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