Why Travel Public Relations?

It starts with a love of travel. But what truly sets successful travel public relations apart is deep roots in the industry, including dependable connections throughout the ever-changing media landscape. That’s why we’re a New York PR agency.

More specifically, Hawkins International Public Relations is an international PR firm headquartered in Manhattan — the home to many of the world’s major media firms. Our tourism media experts and media-relations specialists know the right people and boast a wealth of experience creating breakthrough travel PR campaigns in the following specialty areas:

  • Public relations for hotels
  • Resort PR
  • Spa PR
  • Lifestyle and luxury brand PR

Take a closer look at our list of travel PR clients, and you’ll find that the Jennifer Hawkins public relations team has represented some of the world’s most recognized hotels, spas, resorts and other travel companies.

Travel PR instincts. Boutique PR agency responsiveness.

We launched this agency with a passion for travel public relations and it’s that narrow focus that accounts for our success. Other PR agencies may require ramp-up time, but our team knows how to hit the ground running. We understand the challenges that differentiate hotel PR, spa PR, and resort PR, and our clients know the Jennifer Hawkins’ public relations team is available around the clock to meet their travel PR needs. The same is true of contacts in the press and travel media who depend on our responsiveness, too.

The connections of a New York insider. The strategy of an international PR firm.

We like to think that we’re in the engagement business. We engage the media with story seeds and other pitch ideas, and we engage our travel PR clients with strategic, well-timed campaign ideas for positioning their services. And for us, the only way to do that is from the standpoint of an agile, well-connected boutique PR agency staff.

Among our many travel PR capabilities, our media-relations specialists maintain relationships with key voices with sought-after influence over travel, lifestyle and luxury brand PR efforts. It should be no surprise then that we’re also experts at leveraging the press, social networks, and a vast network of other media for greater awareness and travel PR exposure.

Targeted media-relations campaigns. Comprehensive travel PR coverage.

Media relations drive our actions. We tap existing relationships and constantly build new ones with journalists and editors to generate significant, feature-length editorial placements for our clients. These include key travel PR vehicles like national consumer and trade magazines, regional and local niche publications, and specialty television and radio outlets.

By presenting creative pitches, coordinating press trips, writing enticing press releases, designing comprehensive press kits, and making connections with our contacts in the media, we help our travel PR clients stay front and center to their target audience.

Common Lifestyle PR Questions

From a media standpoint, what key attribute set apart a successful travel public relations campaign — be it PR for hotels, resorts PR, spa PR, or lifestyle and luxury brand PR?

First of all, focus. A thoughtful, strategic media-relations component of any travel PR campaign brings together creative flair and a fluid client/agency relationship.In our experience as a boutique travel PR agency, the media exposure that our clients receive on a monthly and annual basis is what’s most important to them. With this goal in mind, HIPR is constantly brainstorming new ways to approach top editors, writers and freelancers who will put our travel, hotel, resort, and spa PR clients in the headlines.

Second, relationships. Today’s cluttered marketplace demands that our media-relations specialists maintain dynamic relationships that go far beyond a mere exchange of emails or occasional phone calls. In a given month, our staff members will often meet in person with editors and writers from a range of top publications, such as Departures, Travel + Leisure, Spa Magazine, The New York Times, Food & Wine, Hospitality Design, Elle Décor and Newsday, to name a few.

What’s the best way for an international PR firm to maximize results and stay current?

A travel public relations firm can only thrive by utilizing existing relationships and constantly developing new and fruitful bonds with press. The travel PR agency must also maintain a firm grasp of the media landscape, such as areas of interest and deadlines. And if the agency is to maintain a responsive and communicative working relationship with a hotel, resort, or spa PR client, it is imperative to keep current, to be proactive as well as reactive, and to be a source of interesting, intelligent and relevant information with dependable consistency…

What are some of the ways you do this as a Boutique PR agency?

For us to keep our finger on the pulse of trends and the different media genres, HIPR developed a “Media Guest Speaker Series” in which we invite journalists to come to office for informal interactive presentations. This gives editors a unique opportunity to tell us what information — and in what format — they prefer to receive their news; what they see as trends coming across their desks; and what we, as publicists, can do to pitch more effectively to them. We have hosted editors from The New York Times, Food & Wine, HotelChatter.com, OK!, Smart Money, New York Magazine, Brides, and the Today Show, among others.

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